What do Colors represent?

We have got crowded_crayon_colorsan opportunity to work with one of the global Consulting companies in providing our Employee Service Platform to deliver their services to their end Customer. This being a Big4 and a great opportunity, things have been boiling in my head for most part of the Week. After finishing up the NHRD Showcase event yesterday and all the associated twitterati, I started work on the PPT – the grand new “Unified Immersion Assessment Platform”.

As is my habit for the last 16+ years, I had pained my better half for most of the morning, once in 10 min frequency, to check the slides I was working on and give me instant feedback.  Since she had to go out to run errands, I had been working on the slides in a boxed up mode all by myself.

That’s when my 12-year old daughter walked into the hall – with an intension to get something to snack on. And to get out of my boxy-feeling, I pulled her into the conversion.

Me – Anjali, please come and check this ppt slide if it makes sense.

A – Dad, it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Me – <<grrr> You don’t have to understand it, but please tell me if it looks easy to read?

A – Why are boxes of different shape? Why some of them have different colors and some others have the same colors? What are those 3 circles mean in that box? Its confusing Dad; its not clear at all.

Me – << I gave her explanation about the grand “Unified Immersive Assessment Platform”  >>

Anjali – I don’t like circles, and please change all those colors to be same pattern.

Me – Then I will not have enough colors to use to tell my story without visual confusion.

Anjali – Why are you not using violet in this slide? (violet being her favorite color)

Me – But Anjali Violet doesn’t represent what I want to communicate.

Anjali – Dad, why should violet represent what you want to communicate? Please treat colors as independent and they represent themselves. If do that then your slide makes perfect sense to me. <pause> Enough I need to get back to my show on the net .

And she walks out and I was ready to pull my hair out. But Violet is on the slide.