What’s happening in Indology?


There was an article published in The Diplomat on Aryan Invasion Theory and comments on the latest developments –  http://thediplomat.com/2016/08/when-history-gets-political-indias-grand-aryan-debate-and-the-indus-valley-civilization/?utm_content=buffer426dd&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

This is no different than the age old arguments that are being put forth for the last 6-7 decades by the so called ‘left liberal historians’. The modern arguments are not propagated by ‘Nationalists’ (they are common people, you see!), but eminent Mathematicians, Astronomers (NOT Astrologer), Linguistic experts, Archeologists and even the recent Genome studies – all are pointing in the different direction that what everybody believed for the last 150+ years of arguments that are standing on Max Mueller’s interpretation.

The Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) is run out its steam as nobody believes in it any more (even Romila Thapar has accepted it!). The next version – Aryan Migration Theory (AMT) is standing on a few unanswered questions from AIT like Indus script, lack of Horse depictions without any new arguments or proofs.

induscript indus-4

The new arguments about the whole new sequence of prehistoric events and ancient civilization started to come out in 90’s from Western world and the Indian experts (more so enthusiasts and experts in fields other than ‘History’) started exploring only after that. Officially declared History experts in India who have made their life and careers teaching and propagating one set of theory have not come to terms with the changing truth.

And can you imagine what will happen to the entire TN political and social fabric if it is true that Dravidians were never driven out (and no atrocities were committed either by invading warriors or native population) from Indus and Saraswathi banks, but they always have been the natives of South peninsula from the beginning. 🙂

What’s so surprising is that out of say 100 assumptions and postulates made by Max Mueller and his followers since then, more than 85 have been proved wrong in the last 25 years or so. Instead of looking at new theories, the so called reputed History experts still hold on to the illogical and unsubstantiated theory.

It will be good to get some debate (of course not getting personal) going on this topic.. I will dig up my research and can share here.

This is one topic – Indology – that is going to be attracting many more scholars globally than any other field in the next 100+ years.


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