Indian Smart City Efforts…..

Narayana Murthy had given an interview on Smart cities effort in India and criticized the lack of visible progress, and compated Mysuru Infosys Campus as a model –

Below is my comments on the whole thing –

There is a Tyagaraja keertana which goes like “ఎందరో మహనుబావులు, అందరికి వందనములు”.. (there are so many great people, to all, my wishes/greetings).

This is the natural truth you learn as you move from an arrogant youth/adult into a matured and learned person. Knowing ‘I am great’ is being confident but thinking ‘I am the only one who is great’ is arrogance.

And there are many different ways of communicating the problems that plague the society, but expressing them in a condescending manner take the focus away from the problem and do injustice to all the value a person like Murthy has created in a country like India.

Building a new campus in Mysore with modern facilities on an open land is very different, and very easy than converting an existing habited city into a smart city. People have been living in Varanasi for 7,000+ years with narrow lanes and open drains. There is no way anybody going to demolish the houses, expand the roads/lanes, etc unless we want to behave like China.

Infosys-Mysore Infosys-Mysore1

Infosys Campus in Mysuru (above) and Varanasi (below).

Varanasi-2 Varanasi-1

A solution should be provided in context of space, time, society and culture.

I really miss 90’s Murthy. He was truly inspirational for all of us.

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