Enterprise Tool Selection – Changing Players

Enterprise technology landscape is changing and changing very fast. The ERP/tool buying process has matured over the years, and Organizations have applied same processes and measures to select all tools in an uniform way. This worked in the last decade or so as the overall architecture and output experience of all tools were in the same ballpark range.

This may still continue for backend ERPs like Finance, but they will undergo significant change in HR/Employee related Enterprise technology tools.

Each Employee in his/her role as an “Employee” has very different expectation (ease of access, experience, contextual collaboration, etc) compared what some of the same Employees performing the “Admin” roles expect from the Enterprise software – how easy it is to manage exceptions, MIS reports, reconciliation, etc.

The reality is that at all stages of the Enterprise Technology tool selection – for the demo, feature comparison discussion, shortlisting, influencing commercial discussion – mostly these “Admin” users are there and drive the discussion completely based on their needs.

Its not till the later in life cycle when  “rubber hits the road” that the regular users get to see the system and complain how inconvenient the experience is while using the tool for everyday transactions. If the functionality and experience are good – its very good for Employees and the Enterprise. If not good, its a wasted investment and a wasted opportunity to create engaging touch point for Employees in an Organization.

This is true for almost all areas of Enterprise Operations – Recruit, HR, Travel, Finance, CRM, Service Desk, etc. A few tools like Finance ERPs may not be that impacted by the “Employee Experience” yardstick as  all those users will be “Admin”s. But others tools are definitely to be measured with this new yardstick more and more going forward.

The solution providers should apply their best “Design Thinking” hats to look at the best possible holistic Experience to be delivered to Employees with in an Enterprise. Only those products will successfully enter into the FutureOfWork world filled with Millennials.

And this “Design Thinking” is driving us at Employee Experts re-defining Enterprise operations process/technology architecture centered on Employee and Employee Experience.

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