Modi’s Independence Day Speech


A good balanced blog  by Ashok Malik about yesterday’s speech by PM and what to expect in the coming years….

I agree it lacked the punch, but I think it definitely defied the routineness of playing to the gallery…

Beyond all of it – its so refreshing to see the PM standing in the open air (and not behind the bullet proof glass container) and using all his expressions (particularly open palms, spread out hands, modulation of eyebrows – compared to the memory we had of previous PM who use to hold papers in his hand and read hardly lifting his head)….and the best part is he walking into the group of kids after the speech and getting completely mobbed by them literally….. That gives me, as a citizen, confidence and hope.Modi15-Aug-2015 With Children

These are all signs of a very good Leader. I don’t think intellectuals from the current generation remember anybody like that in Indian political scene. And I think they don’t even understand the basic geninue leadership skills given their working atmosphere. People who have worked in teams on projects recognise them instantly.

I use to argue with my mom as a boy why she used to always vote for Congress and she use to say that nobody can take care of India and her People better than Indira Gandhi. You may disagree with Indira’s policies and politics, but you can never take away her leadership skills and ability to create hope/trust in the minds of common people.

That’s what Modi has been able to achieve. Sincere hope is that he has his heart and head in the right place and carries out the nation building process forward.

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